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MEP Partner invitation

Help SAVE LIVES! Become a MEP (Medication Error Prevention) Partner today!
Alarming Adverse Drug Reaction STATISTICS:
  • 225,000 deaths annually from medical errors, of which 106,000 of those are medication errors (Starfield)
  • 180,000 deaths occur annually from medication errors and adverse reactions (Holland)
  • Over 770,000 patients are estimated to be injured because of medication errors every year (Agency for Health Research and Quality, 2001)

Invitation to become a MEP Partner
Partner business names and links are posted on our MEP Partners page. MEP Partner request form

Following is information regarding the new Emergency Contact Code service and Emergency Medical Information Card, for assisting Emergency Medical Personnel, with the proper care and administration of drugs and medications to individuals that have various acute medication allergies. This is an invitation, for you to join the effort in helping to prevent inadvertent administrations of drugs and medications that cause severe allergic reactions and the loss of life. Promotion and use of the EMI Card, also reduces liability by helping to avoid potential litigation due to medication errors.

The service, which is being promoted through Physicians, Dentists, Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Health Care Organizations and Emergency Services, provides an Affiliate Program to facilitate promotion of the EMI Card, and pays recurring commissions on all referrals to the service.

The Service

As you may know, many individuals have serious allergies to certain drugs and medications, and it’s crucial for Paramedics and Emergency Medical Personnel to be aware of any such allergies. Also, quite often medications and allergies change over time, so it’s important to have up-to-date information.

The EMI Card facilitates access to such information and unlike medical ID bracelets and other types of medical ID cards, is not limited by space requirements, and information can be updated anytime online. Many may find it inconvenient to continually wear a medallion or USB device, whereas, EMI Cards can be conveniently placed directly behind one’s driver’s license and in front of all other cards in one’s wallet.

The Code on the EMI Card, gives Medical Personnel immediate access to contact Information such as family members, friends, Caregivers and Doctors. The EMI Password, gives further access to secure emergency medical information that pertains to medication allergies, current medications and other vital information that may be crucial for EMTs, Paramedics and other emergency medical personnel. All information can be obtained online in a matter of seconds.

Detailed information about the service can be obtained by clicking here.

Below is the link to the Affiliate EMI Card Promotional Flyer (pdf), which affiliates can distribute physically or send via email. http://www.emergencycontactcode.com/affiliate_EMICard_flyer.pdf
There’s also a special box near the bottom of the Affiliate sign up page where your Affiliate ID can be entered.

Thanks for helping to save lives by becoming an Affiliate MEP Partner!



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